Gynomat screens are rectangular purple plates made of Gynolc. There were invented in, and are most common in, Taurica. Gynolc is a soft blue metal which can be molded into other shapes without the need of melting it. In the case of making Gynomat screens, the Gynolc is molded into a rectangular shape. The size can differ depending on how big the Gynomat needs to be. The metal is then carefully placed into a tub filled with Runidic Acid, which is a constantly hot liquid with Runide mixed into it. The Gynolc is allowed to sit in the tub of boiling liquid for about five hours before it is taken out. The Gynolc will now have turned into a light purple color.

The Gynolc is set to cool in a freezer for about five more hours. Once that is done, it can then be taken out. It is now a Gynomat. It is placed in a frame(like a picture frame) which is to be hung wherever the Gynomat screen will go. If a Gynomat screen is touched anywhere, the place that was touched will turn white. They are often used in places such as classrooms and meeting areas. The teacher or person can use the screen for writing notes, drawing diagrams, etc. They can write on the Gynomat screen by either writing out the words with their fingers or using a special stylus designed for Gynomat screens. The place touched can be sprayed with water and it will turn the area back to purple.

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