Hak-to-vora is a country in Cirues. Hak-to-voran humans have charcoal black to dark grey skin and pure black eyes, including their sclera. Many of them have markings on their faces and bodies called bar lines. The markings are always symmetrical. The country is currently ruled by violent despotism. Hak-to-vora's landscape includes large dry wastelands, with several sulphuric lakes, volcanic craters and tar pits. Hak-to-vora also has large thornyards, huge expanses of vicious thorny bramble, and mega cactuses, which are skyscraper sized cactuses which contain passageways large enough to walk through. Water resides deep inside mega cactuses. Hak-to-vora's despotic government has caused significant rebel forces to form, and these rebels often make mega cactuses their bases of operations.

Hak-to-voran architecture is black and jagged, with many structures made from obsidian. Historically, Hak-to-vora was formed primarily by refugees from the Deidros War.

Tarrivik and Scael are creatures that exclusively live in Hak-to-vora.

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