Emera and Mal are the two suns Otherworld and other planets of this solar system orbit around. It was once believed that there were was a third sun in this system which orbited Emera and Mal with the planets. This object, which is some number of light years behind Otherworld, has been discovered to actually be a planet. The planet has been named Hazera. It is unknown what the surface of Hazera looks like, but its atmosphere contains many toxic gases which when mixed together produce a bright green light that can be seen from a long distance away. For Otherworld, it looks like a distant green star. Once every ten tall years, Hazera will be closer to Otherworld and almost look like a third sun that is smaller than Emera and Mal. For many, it is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events they wish to experience.

There are some debates about whether Hazera is a gas giant or a rocky type of planet. If it is rocky, it is assumed that there may be many pools of toxic liquid on its surface. It is also assumed that nothing could live there since the atmosphere is so dangerous.

The Discovery Edit

An Asterkian, named Termaniam Keliocubed, first discovered Hazera when he was trying out his new telescope on the presumed "Once-in-a-lifetime" day. He was actually pretty 'gormless', the main reason why he tested it out on daylight. When he saw it, he firstly thought it was just one of the suns, Mal. He just wavered the thought it was another star and packed up the telescope.

Years later, he became a -smarter- scientist. When he tested out one of his inventions called the "Memory Retriever", he put in random digits which coincidentally was the day he saw Hazera. He watched the whole happenings and immediately gone out to research the mysterious planet on the Asternet. He found nothing, in which he dedicated his entire life learning about Hazera; Naming it, it's properties and whatnot. Today, he is remembered as the "Asterkian with a happy accident".

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