The blue-leafed trees of Ackrex are actually called Hollf Trees, named after the explorer Hollf who first found the place. Hollf Trees have a silvery bark that can be scraped off easily, the bark being able to be turned into a kind of shiny, reflective surface if made properly. These trees were the first instances of mirrors, but since then, people have turned to other ways to make mirrors. Hollf Trees also release a kind of mist, which despite it fluctuating between a pink, yellow, purple, and orange color and glowing, is completely harmless. This mist is called Downius, and is collected to make pretty lamps. The term Downius comes from sundown, due to the substance's colors being similar to the colors of a sunset.

Dreg Sticks Edit

Dreg Sticks are a type of staff weapon used by people in the Ackrex Province. They are made from branches from the Hollf trees in the marsh.

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