The desert of Laladoon, which lies on the border between the countries of Iridio and Ghas, is most famous for the features known as Honey Pits, also known as The Honey Pits of Laladoon. The honey pits are deep, conical pits full of delicious, sweet honey. The honey is produced by honey bacteria who live in the pits. The pits attract many creatures, many of whom get trapped in the pits and are slowly digested by the honey bacteria.

Some biologists have suggested that honey bacteria may be related to white and black slime, and should therefore properly be called "yellow slime", but since white and black slime haven't been studied thoroughly, this hypothesis remains unproven. Humans in the area have perfected ways of harvesting the honey without being trapped, and the bacteria soon die when removed from the pits, making it perfectly safe. However, accidents do happen occasionally. It is a very distressing situation, since it's almost impossible to pull a person out of the sticky honey once they fall in, and they can only wait to be slowly and painfully digested.

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