A horse from the Horse Farms of Nidsk

A horse is an ungulate mammal native to central Asoumiranz. They have been domesticated by humans for the delicious candy they have inside their bodies. 

In the Horse Farms of Nidsk, the locals raise horses. When a horse is about 5 years old, they cut it in half and extract the candy inside. The candy is shipped to other locations around Asoumiranz. Nidsk Horse Candy is particularly popular at the Paper Mines of Drest and Plastic City. Other parts of the horses, such as meat, is consumed by the locals.[1]

Horse Candy Edit

This is where the different candy is found. This is just a regular horse; a few rare breeds produce different candy in different parts of their body.


Different candies are found within different parts of a horse's body.

Jelly is found within the horse's head, constituting the horse's brain material, gums and sinuses. The throat contains a rich caramel.

A horse's mane is made up of cotton candy, while its tail is made of liquorice. These hair based products are the only candies which can be harvested continually throughout a horse's life.

Various other candies can be found throughout the torso and legs of a horse. [2]