Ice fish are a species of fish made of ice. They can only survive in especially cold waters such as rivers and lakes located near Froyonder. Rigid Lake and Iceberg Lake have some of the most abundant populations of ice fish, possibly because they are the coldest of the lakes.

Every year, ice fish migrate between lakes via rivers such as the River of Ice. Froyonders and Sprinkelanders catch these fish to use them as ice for their drinks (if they aren't cold enough already).

Ice fish aren't very delicious since they're really just ice, so it'd be like feasting on an ice cube. However, they can be crushed up and put in a cone shaped bowl with a sweet syrup to make snow cones.

If ice fish are taken into an environment that is too warm for them, such as just outside the cold region of Asoumiranz, they will melt into water. Sometimes the cold regions of Asoumiranz get slightly warmer than usual which can kill off a lot of ice fish.

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