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Two Ignetitans facing off.

The Ignetitan is a large, dinosaurian animal that lives in Alvalpa. It has one large horn on its snout, its body is upright, with a long, powerful tail it drags along the ground. Its color is mainly black, besides its eyes and back spikes, eyes being red and the spikes being a grey color.

The Ignetitans are naturally aggressive, often attacking each other. As of most Alvalpa inhabitants, and fire biome inhabitants, they have a resistance to fire, but they also have the ability to breathe fire. It is unknown what use there is to this, as nearly everything in their native habitat is either on fire already, or resistant to it anyway. Their sharp teeth, claws, and placement of their eyes gives a strong suggestion towards a carnivorous diet, but it is unknown what there is to eat as the main inhabitants seem rather inedible.