Ink is a naturally occurring element in Otherworld. Much of the known ink of Otherworld is deposited underneath the ground in and around Felure. Natural ink jets also tend to occur occasionally in Alvalpa, due to its harsh environment and high underground pressure. Cirues also has been found to have some sparse ink deposits.

Ink forms deep underground, when other elements, such as Flamium and Iron, collide at high speeds when propelled by the convection currents of the middle mantle. These elements are solid at this level of the earth, being more compact than others, and do not melt in the heat. Once ink is formed, it will drift through to the top of the middle mantle, going through the upper mantle as well. Once it reaches the crust, it will stop rising, and some will be absorbed into hollow Americium deposits.

It's elemental number is 76.

Americium, element number 95 on the Otherworldlian Periodic Table, is a radioactive substance that is found throughout Otherworld. It is particularly important in the Ink Siphoning town of Hournald, as the ink that is siphoned there is initially deposited in the Americium.

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