Found on the southern border of Iridio, next to Canjon, is a large area known as the Iridian Nyrtr'ar Span. The Span is about a mile wide and two miles long, and runs almost parallel to the Iridio-Canjon border. After the initial exploration of Iridio by explorer Monjin Nyrtr'ar, it was found that the Span had special spiritual properties. Scientists believe that these properties are a result of the massive spirit buildup that occurred after the mass killings of the Iridio-Canjon war. The spiritual properties that effect the Nyrtr'ar Span result in many odd things happening regularly there, such as:

-Metal rods popping out of the ground

-People disappearing, and reappearing exactly nine days later

-An absence of clouds in the sky at all times

-People starting to refer to themselves in the third person

-The ground becoming a bright pink color

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