The Iridio-Canjon war was one of the most tragic events in the history of Taurica, possibly in the history of Otherworld as well. It is unknown why it initially started, but it is known that multiple topics were fought over during its generation-long persistence, dividing it up into multiple parts.

The first section of the Iridio-Canjon war started because of aforementioned unknown reasons. At the time, it was seen as a minor fight, as the two countries had been at peace ever since their creations. It seemed that the Iridians would easily win, with their superior technology. But as the war waged on, it became clear that things would not end easily. Despite pleas from the citizens of the nations to bring an end to the fighting, the governments persisted. The war went on for decades, and many young men who were drafted originally died of old age in the war camps the size of cities. Just when it seemed that the war was to end, a dictator rose to power in Canjon.

The second section of the war took place over a few years. A dictator, known simply by the name of Shed Phillips, had overthrown the former king of Canjon while his country was weak from the decades of war. Phillips was intent on conquering Iridio. The Iridians had thought that they had ended the war with the overthrow of the former king, so they were taken by surprise when the Canjonites stormed the Iridian capitol. Millions of Iridians were taken as captives and killed. Due to the help of Ronstorians, who got involved in the fight, Shed Phillips was taken down and the war was finally over.

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