Iron slamming is an execution method in which a person is smashed between two heavy iron plates. Iron slammers were developed as a means of reliably executing wizards and certain magical beings weak to iron. It is, or was in the past, practised in certain countries in Asoumiranz, including Trod and Trubistan. Primitive iron slammers were wound up via a hand crank, with the convicted tied by ropes on each limb to the corners of the device. More modern iron slammers are powered subelectically, and use light ropes, a type of magical rope conjured by Blue Magic, which disappears completely upon being slammed, making the cleaning up process a little simpler. The visceral slush left over after the execution is removed by a scraper which is built into the iron slammer, and is collected into metal barrels to be incinerated or fed to the storm wolves.

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