Osage orange 1

A view of an Isan Plant, held in a hand for scale. Pores can be seen on top of it, and it is these pores that bring in oxygen that get converted to energy. Many of these plants can grow on one Isan at once.

Isan are luminous beasts from Kashin, they're about the size of a moose and are named after Isanisi, the Vistem God of the forest. Isan have long snouts with no visible mouth, and it is believed they're in a symbiosis with multiple plants that grow on its back. The plants (called Isan Plants) do not use photosynthesis and have a special form of growth, similar to most of the grass, shrubs and flowers on the surface of the island. This process is called aerosynthesis, using oxygen to somehow create energy, which is being studied in multiple areas, including the Academy of Nature. This makes the Isan plant invincible to living without light, and with minimal oxygen can sustain itself, due to still creating oxygen either way. The Isan plants get different areas to get more oxygen from the movement of the Isan, while the Isan takes energy from the Isan plants to continue living.

Isan have multiple eyes on their body as well, most having five to seven eyes, the largest amount recorded being thirteen. Their hide is also very strange, as it feels and is literally wood, although it is very flexible and able to shift shape without snapping or breaking. As Isan get older, their hide begins to harden, and once they die, their body acts completely like a dead log or tree. They give one, possibly two and rarely three offspring at a time as an egg, and defend them with their lives. Much like Vistem, they're sensitive to light, and regular sunlight will blind them. In fact, Isan are distant relatives to Vistem.