The Island of the Fourth Wall, also known as The Isle of the Fourth Wall, is a strange place, said to be a weak point connecting two universes, where telepathic waves breach the gap and invade the minds of people in the opposite universe. The small island lies on the border between the Colagic and Yontax oceans. It's believed that the Yellow and Blue auric fields of the two oceans may have something to do with the weak point. The island is shaped like a perfect square and is made of a hard, flat bright blue substance which glows faintly, bordered by a similar yellow substance. Decongruinconveniessence, the rule of the universe which states that certain things can't cross between worlds, prevents many things from being brought onto and away from the island. Oddly, a strange, eerie tune can always be heard on the island.

Unknown Worldly Tongue, which was dubbed "English", is spoken only on the small Island of the Fourth Wall, where most laws of the universe were written on in the mythology of Wookaris.

Sometimes the Island of the Fourth Wall just straight up teleports to a different location for no apparent reason.

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