Kaburra are a type of special hidden dimension. They also go by other names in different places, such as Arkinions, Fablands or Picci.

Kaburra can be accessed from small doorways which appear in inconspicuous places. Kaburra portals must not become well known. If they do, the portal will move to a new location in order to prevent too many visitors. Usually Kaburra are discovered by adventurous children, or eccentric, loner teens and adults.

There are special rules governing Kaburra. Anyone born inside the Kaburra can only leave it if they're accompanied by someone born on the outside. A person can only guide one Kabburite out once every eight years. Anyone who dies in a Kaburra realm has their spirit trapped there, even if they were born outside. Spirits can act as ghosts or be reincarnated in the Kaburra.

Kaburra portals tend to appear in cities, towns or large houses. They'll appear in an out of the way place so they are not discovered too often. The world inside each Kaburra tends to be radically different. Kingdoms and fancy castles are common Kaburra features.

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