Kippas are rabbit like creatures somewhat related to the Zanlos and Scabben species, though they may be closer to Scabben. They live in some forests of Asoumiranz. Kippas are short, about the size of a human two year old. They have light pink or purple fur. They have two long rabbit ears with small tufts of fur that stick out on either side of their heads. They have a long, poofy, white tails. They also share the trait of the Scabben and Zanlos of having multiple eyes. Kippas have a ring of eyes that surround their entire head, allowing them to see everything around them at once.

Kippas are very timid creatures. If they see or hear anything suspicious, they will run away and go into hiding whether what they heard is actually dangerous or not. Kippas are rarely found outside forests because they feel safer inside the forest.

Kippa eyes Edit

There is folklore in Mustsid that the eyes of a Kippa are lucky and bring fortune. However, if they are squashed, they will bring bad luck. It's also sometimes said to be bad luck to kill a kippa just to steal its eyes. There are Orginagrams which require Kippa eyes, one of which is for summoning incredibly silky soft red gloves from the goddess Liastra, and one for an edible black jelly called Bretka from the god Phurfin. Because kippa eyes are sought by the gods, it is said that there must at least be something special about them.

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