Klado-Monjayitsi, or (formally Klado), are small, transparent, glass-like creatures with a spherical shape. Looking slightly like goldfish bowls, Klado-Monjayitsi have two frog-like legs that support them and a snout-like nose, with two eyes above it. Klado-Monjayitsi are known for their easy domestication, and are often kept as house pets.

Origin Edit

Klado-Monjayitsi were once known only as Klado, for many centuries ago it was recorded that they were an entirely different species altogether. This ancient version of the animal was described by people at the time as "being a furry quadruped, with a height of about half a foot." However, it is also stated that this early Klado-Monjayitsi succumbed to a disease that wiped out most of the population. However, some survived. They survived only by breeding with another race, known as the Monjayitsi, who also had succumbed to the disease. The offspring of these species, however, proved to be immune to the disease, and they are the Klado-Monjayitsi that we know today.

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