Klorpii Wells are artificially made mining facilities typically found off the coast of North Felure. They float above the ocean on gigantic, buoyant rafts, and often have entire communities of workers that work to keep them running. At the top of a Klorpii well, there is a large canister that, when heated, pumps air at a high pressure into a long cylinder that extends for over a kilometer vertically into the water below. This air then flows out of the cylinder, creating a temporary vacuum. This vacuum lasts a lot longer than a normal one would, due to the fact that the cylinder is enchanted magically. This vacuum then sucks water into it, and in the process it also sucks granules of rare minerals into it. After this process is repeated many times, a layer of granules will build up and will have to be cleaned out. This layer usually is extremely strong, and , when combined with steel, serves as excellent armor. When heated, the granules fuse together into a compound known as Klorpiium.

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