The micronation of Konpet established on Moczei Island. The ancient Steakilnto language is still used traditionally in some parts of the Moczei Island, especially Konpet.

Kurlitz Edit

Kurlitz is a city in Konpet. The city streets and alleys are full of scientific equipment for the public to use. The main form of entertainment in the city scientific demonstrations, and games based on scientific principles. Kurlitzians are known for being very friendly and generous people. Kurlitz is surrounded by fruit orchards. Fruit is sold cheaply in the town, and fruit smoothies are a popular drink there.

Kandanas Edit

The main export of Konpet is kandanas which are round blue citrus fruits that grow in bundles on trees. They have a lumpy texture and can be eaten without peeling. The taste is fairly sour but satisfying to a lot of people.

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