Korrick is a small country in Asoumiranz which lies between Samir and the Scolari Dead Zone. Korrick was once a part of Samir, but it seceded in 34,642. Korrick is known for not being in any way notable, but the local Korrickians maintain that they have their own unique and interesting culture.

Korrick Civil War Edit

The Korrick Civil War, also known as the Picnic War, is generally regarded as the most boring war in the history of Asoumiranz. When the government of Korrick decided to put a small tax on Smilewheat, the eastern half of Korrick declared independence. The western half became known as the Republic of Korrick, and the eastern half became known as the Korrickian Republic. After that, the Republic of Korrick declared war on the Korrickian Republic. All of the battles involved one side yelling at the other, attempting to persuade them into giving up. Even when Korrick was dragged into OWW III, most battles involved the exchange of very strongly worded letters. In the Battle of Guajarck, one soldier took out a knife and threatened to kill a soldier on the opposite side, but his fellow soldiers held him back and calmed him down before things got too serious. The soldier then apologized to his enemy. Most of the money from Djornt, Felure, and Trod were spent on zana tea and smilebread to resolve minor arguments between soldiers. After OWW III, the Republic of Korrick and the Korrickian Republic agreed to let bygones be bygones and forgot about the war. Neither side suffered any casualties, except for a pet fish from the Korrickian Republic, whose owner had forgotten to feed it.

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