The Kyoskiaar Relic is an eerie ancient ruin, thought to be of the Beriazellian Empire. The ruin consists of a circular outer wall, a few smaller buildings within, and in the center a large tower spire. The ruin is crawling with Gazers, Elemeno and Kyoskiaar. During the day they float about inside the halls of the relic, and at night they can be seen floating all around. Due to the remoteness of the location, it hasn't been studied too thoroughly. There are a lot of rumours about the place, including that they are haunted by more than just Gazers, Elemeno and Kyoskiaar, that the place is unnaturally cold, and that strange sounds can be heard there, such as screams and distant, eerie music. There is also much speculation about the relationship the three aforementioned beings may have to each other, as well as possible connections to the ancient Beriazellian Empire whose ruins they linger in.

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