Lagmura are evil creatures. They hide near roadsides and pathways, inside ditches, tree stumps or other hidey holes. They psychically probe the minds of any people walking by to gather basic information such as name, age etc. However, a lagmura can only read a mind if they are looking at the target. Each lagmura has very specific types of person he likes to eat. For example, one Lagmura might like to eat people who have blue eyes and are 31 years old, while another might like to eat females with red hair who like pancakes. A Lagmura will have an average of half a dozen types of people they like to eat. However, lagmura have one big weakness.

They cannot stand to be seen by any type of person who they do not like to eat. In fact, a lagmura who is seen by such a person will burst, leaving behind a pile of black sludge called lagmura bile. Lagmura sometimes become pregnant after eating a person and will eventually lay an egg. The lagmura will place its egg in the middle of the road. The next person to come by will be fooled into thinking the egg is something they desire, and so they will pick it up and take it with them. After a while the egg will hatch into a baby lagmura which will try to kill the person and any companions they have with them. After this the baby lagmura will be imprinted with some of traits of its first victim(s), and those traits will become the ones it likes. Lagmura never stray far from their birthplace.

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