Libec is a country that lies south of Ronstor and the Libec Peninsula.

Libec's capital city, also called Libec, lies on the Libec Peninsula. Libec and Ronstor share Greyhorst Bay and Greyhorst Island. Events are regularly held at Greyhorst Stadium, usually competitions between Libecs and Ronstorians. The most well known is the annual Greyhorst Cup, which is a series of athletic events. Every four years Libec and Ronstor invite two other nations to compete in an event known as the Greyhorst Premium Cup.

Libec people are known for being anxious, artsy and sometimes obnoxious. There are several art colleges in Libec. There is even a significant population of Trolipedes in the country, probably the largest community of Trolipedes outside of Trolipeda. The Trolipede District is a popular place for humans to experience Trolipede culture, since Trolipeda is a difficult place to get into.

Libec is home to the Otherworld's largest zana tea processing plant, where zana fish' splunges, gallbladders, pongbats and some other organs are crushed into powder en masse. The relative proportions of different organs produces different blends of zana tea with different flavours. Libec's zana tea industry is in fierce competition with Canjon's leafy tea farms.

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