Lorci is a country in Asoumiranz.

While the country of Lorci is quite small, its capital city, simply called Gold City, is huge, thanks to the Gold Wizards' space-bending science. The Gold Wizards are a very secretive bunch, and little is known about Gold City. Gold Wizards are its sole inhabitants, and others are seldom allowed to visit. There are other small villages in Lorci which are inhabited by humans, but the Gold Wizards lord over them and send any criminals to Dryast to work the glass factories. Each Lorci village has a gold castle inhabited by Gold Wizard Lords, who collect taxes from the peasants. But most Gold Wizards live in the Gold City. Gold City has many huge gold, silver, and platinum towers. They also have large shipyards where they construct golden airships. There are leisure airships, trade airships, and war airships. The war airships are called Golden Dreadnoughts, and they are equipped with large musical horns which obliterate things with intense soundwaves. Luckily, though, the Wizards have rarely attacked other lands with them, since they have all the land they need thanks to their space-bending powers. Rumours suggest the city is also inhabited by Golden Golems encrusted with jewels, robotic workers created by the Wizards to do their bidding, but it is said the Golems only function within the Gold City walls, and would have no power outside them.

Similarities between the Gold Wizards with the fabled Scolari civilisation of old have not gone unnoticed, but it isn't known whether the Gold Wizards are truly their cultural descendants, or just coincidentally similar to them. Another possibility is that they were inspired by tales and ruins of the Scolari civilisation and chose to imitate them.

Genetic testing has shown that the people of the Fune Tribe and the Gold Wizards of Lorci are surprisingly closely related. Scholars have suggested that the mystical abilities of the Fune Tribe's Seer and the magic of the Gold Wizards' may be somehow related, but neither the Fune Tribe nor the Gold Wizards wish to divulge much information about their magic to outsiders.

The Gold Wizards of Lorci have long controlled the powers of the Time, Space, and Reality Trinkets.

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