Lost Forest is a forest located in Cirues. It has many strange animals living in its depths. It is known as the Lost Forest for the strange phenomenon where it will randomly disappear and reappear again.

Inhabitants Edit

Flute Bandits are imps which live in the Lost Forest. They play tunes on their flutes which lead people astray. Then they steal from them. Flute Bandits are distant cousins to Dumpkins.

Pieke Birds also live in the Lost Forest.

Natrudo are a type of gigantic snake which live in the Lost Forest. They swallow large prey whole and digest them over a period of days or weeks. Natrudo have four eyes, usually red, orange, or yellow. Eating a rare blue Natrudo eye can make a person very happy for the next 19 days. Some say it makes a person lucky, but this is likely just a side effect of being happy. On the 20th day after eating a blue Natrudo eye a person will be very sick, but it wears off after the day is through and it is not deadly, except in some cases where a person has some other illness which is exacerbated by it.

The Cithrax are monsters which can be found in multiple locations, one of them being the Lost Forest. They have a human torso atop a monstrous six-legged, furry, feline body. They also have very long tongues and pointy ears. They can transform into a normal human form for about 80 minutes every day. Cithrax love asking riddles and trivia questions. They will give gifts to people who answer correctly and punish those who don't. The nature of the gifts they give, and punishments they deal out, vary. Once, the president of Konpet fell in love with and married a Cithrax.

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