Maklans are, according to some, one of the most scary creatures in Other-world. They are carnivores that are sentient. They aren't actually exclusive to Cirues, and can live in Djornt and sometimes Trod too, though they are most common in Cirues. Maklans don't live long at all and live only for 5 years until dying. They have have a lot of battles with other Cirues creatures to consume their meat and use a technique that almost nothing can escape, they wrap their tentacles around their victim's throat to make them focus on trying to escape and not choke before pouncing on them and killing them. Maklans fur changes depending on each season

Autumn - Redish Orange

Winter - White

Summer - Light Peach

Spring - Greenish and Blueish

In Asoumiranz, Maklans are considered evil pests. They live in the wilderness and will attack and kill travellers. They are particularly common in the Great Elder Ridge mountain range, and the northern Red Mountains. When Maklans stray close to cities and towns, panic ensues, then the Maklan is generally hunted down and killed.

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