There is a comet that was actually going to collide with Otherworld, this comet is named "Mallit". Mallit was travelling very fast and was going to cause disasters and extinctions on otherworld by exploding on its surface, but Durixs' gravitational pull forced Mallit to orbit Durixs and become a natural satellite. Mallit has a slightly inclined, circular orbit around Durixs.

Mallit, like Durixs, is very hot, though unlike Durixs, it does not have milk inside of its surface, but a strange, green liquid that reacts in different temperature


The strange, green liquid

When put in cold temperatures, it freezes and turns into a beautiful ice tower, when put in room temperature, it reacts like a strange goo, or cream, when put in hot temperatures, it acts as a green liquid that, seems to actually be alive, it "steps" or "slides" back a bit when a sharp object is put near it, and it slides around quickly when put in a small room

Some think this green goo could be a living thing.

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