Milk glass

Milk, a substance known since ancient times, is element number 20 on the periodic table of elements. Its chemical symbol is Mi. It is an alkaline earth metal.

Milk evaporates and precipitates in a dairy-cycle, which runs parallel to the water-cycle. Milk vapour clouds and water vapour clouds repel each other, so the two liquids tend to stay separate.

Milk is a vital element for the biological processes of most carbon based lifeforms, including humans. Teeth and bone cells are primarily made out of milk. Milk can be consumed in pure form or as a common naturally occurring dairy compound, such as cream, icecream, cheese, or butter, but it also exists in trace amounts in many biological food items.

Dairy steel, invented somewhat more recently than strawberry steel and chocolate iron, is a milk, zinc, iron and morduroy alloy which is used for fine surgical tools such as scalpels and medical tweezers.