The mineo is a long eight legged rodent often found in trees where they make small holes within the trunk to sleep, raise their offspring, and store food without predators trying to attack them. The opening to the shelter is small enough that large predators can't get through but big enough for the animal to squeeze through it without any problems. Mineo have large bulbous green eyes and big triangular ears. They are good at climbing and can be pretty fast when chased by a predator. Mineo eat nuts and bugs though they may also munch on a small bird or frog if they catch one. Within the tree they take shelter they are pretty safe but once out of the tree they have to look out for many predators. Birds of prey, snakes, and larger mammals are the most common predators. The mineo's large eyes and ears help it see and hear many signs of danger so it can take cover or run when trouble strikes.

Mineo are occasionally caught by Sundew Trees, but most are strong enough to escape. However, sometimes, particularly long lived sundew trees produce very large leaves, which can be strong enough to catch a mineo. This leads to a rather gruesome death for the poor mineo, which is slowly strangled by the leaf, and then absorbed by the tree's digestive goo.

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