Miran, also known as "Shining City", is the capital of Felure. There is a large volcano towering over the city. Back when Felure was no more than a Djornti province, this volcano first erupted, shooting white-hot balls of stickmanium- a metal named by Sir Sigmund Stickman- that exploded into glitter on contact out of its many craters. This was the last battle that made Felure what it is today, so every year, on Shermantur 18th, the Miran volcano showers stickmanium and glitter is showered onto the streets, making the whole place shine brightly- which also attracts Land Fluffels. Felure Day also combines with the Festival of Fluffels for this exact reason, where lollipops and only lollipops are eaten and domestic Fluffels and wild Fluffels meet.