Momo and the Endless Desert is a folktale created by the prisoners of the Dryast Penal Colony. No one knows when it was first told and it is a story that has never been written down, for Dryast prisoners don't get to have pen and paper to write things down. Thus, the story has likely changed over time, and it differs from prisoner to prisoner. All stories are about a prisoner who goes by the name 'Momo'. In one version of this tale, Momo manages to escape from the Penal Colony only to find himself lost in the long, hot desert. Just when he is about to die from dehydration, he encounters a tall man in sandy brown robes. The man is a sand wizard. The sand wizard asked where Momo came from, and Momo told him in hopes that he would help him escape. The wizard then uses his sand magic to create one long arm out of sand. He used it to pick up Momo and take him back to the colony. The wizard disappears in a sandy whirlwind before anyone else sees him. The escapee is then found by a guard of the penal colony who reports him. Momo is then executed for running away.

In other versions of the story, sometimes the wizard is a different kind of wizard or creature, and in some he does help Momo escape. In some stories, the wizard or creature is evil and only helps Momo if he agrees to work for him. Some believe Momo was a real person that escaped from the penal colony long ago. It isn't known which version of the tale actually tells the truth about what happened when he escaped.

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