Nantuk is the capital of Nidsk, and is located near the Horse Farms. It's a relatively sleepy city compared to the capitals of other nearby countries, but twice a year the city comes alive for a big festival. These festivals, Wist Night and Sumas Day fall on the winter solstice and summer solstice respectively. The festivals draw in people from around Asoumiranz.

On Wist Night, many bonfires are stacked up during the day, and burned late into the night. Festival goers will place messages to the spirit world on the fires, as well as trinkets with sentimental value, which they wish to let go of, so they can move on. Marshmallows, the primary crop of Nidsk, which grow inside leafy pods, are cooked on the fires and eaten.

On Sumas Day, many events are held, including a rodeo and a horse race. There are also many carnival games, and all kinds of Horse Candy go on sale. The travelling circus, Cirque du Sables, or Circus of the Sand, will also come to Nantuk for the day. The circus stocks up on many Horse Candies while in Nidsk as well, which they sell around the continent throughout the year. The centerpiece of Sumas Day, a huge block of snow, is imported from the Great Elder Snowfields. It arrives in the middle of the day, and the festival goers cool off from the summer heat with a big snow fight and frosty drinks.