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The Naratrat is a flying, carnivorous reptile. It is mainly a scavenger, feeding off of already dead corpses of animals. They may come in a variety of colors, from cyan to red. They also may try to attack the Detrato, as they appear defenseless enough for easy food. Their horns are used for impress mates, and may come in various sizes and sometimes even curved differently.

Asoumiranzian Naratrat are scavengers found in the Bazakun Desert. In western Feluri culture they are a symbol of death. Concrete Naratrat statues commonly adorn the fences around West Feluri cemeteries.

Giant Horned Naratrat Edit

During one of the Oclutus Device experiments in Felure, a lab naratrat escaped from its cage and attacked the scientists who were doing the experiments. They tried to catch the naratrat but the creature successfully avoided them.

It accidentally bumped into the Oclutus Device and the machine activated, turning the naratrat into a giant version of itself with thorns sticking out from all over its body. The giant naratrat killed many of the scientists before it escaped through the roof of the facility and flew off.

A report of the dangerous new threat was sent to all nearby cities and countries, calling the beast the Giant Horned Naratrat. The military was called in to stop the animal before it hurt someone. They managed to shoot it down, but any attempts to kill it failed. Instead, they chose to put it in a zoo in Firebird City. The Great Horned Naratrat's exhibit is made so it will not be able to get out.

There have been rallies to free the Naratrat into the wild, but they have been unsuccessful because the military believes it is too dangerous.

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