The Narpaciius Plant is a relatively normal type of plant, only found in the desert of Bazakun in Felure . It is notable for its immense size, standing over fifty feet tall, and the giant spores


A black-and-white picture of a Narpaciius Plant

it produces, which contain seeds for other Narpaciius Plants. It typically releases large bursts of spores during summer, which stay aloft via air releasing from inside the lightweight outer coating. Felurians must be wary, though, for once a spore runs out of air, it plummets to the ground and can become deadly to those standing below it.

Narpaciius Plants are also known for the large variety of animals that live inside them. Many colonies of animals such as Choicelings and Wild Candy Horses have inexplicably been found in these plants.

Cuisine Edit

Narpaciius spores can be compressed, salted, sliced, then baked to make tasty Narpaciius chips. Narpaciius chips go great with various types of dips and sauces, such as clow dip.

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