Natrl are formless, black, sloshy monsters that have their entire body covered in eyes. They can only be found in either the Infernal Bog or Grimleaf. Natrl are rarely closely studied, as they're rare and elusive. Encountering one can be dangerous, though, as they can change their form at will and have an unsatisfiable hunger. While the eyes and skin can't be changed, they can form other things, like feathers, fur, nails, hair, wings, etc. Natrl will try to take form of other animals sometimes or hide in mud or dirt. Some believe they're very, very distant relatives to slimes due to formless movement, but much unlike slimes, they have a nervous system and a brain in their core. Natrl are also thought to possibly even be related to the Blackheart, and there have been multiple accounts of them drawing children and adults away from their home by imitating their parents or friends voices in distress, then disarming and devouring them.

These strange creatures can actually talk on their own accord. However, they will refer to themselves, who they're talking to, or any other entity's name with a strange, static sound. They're very cruel and relentless creatures, and will devour anyone who speaks ill of them in their presence. They sometimes associate with Blactrilch, but it is unknown why.

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