Needle fly

Needle flies are small, hard, metallic, needle-shaped insects. They jab animals, including people, with their sharp nose, and drink some of their blood. They are a notorious pest, and are quite hard to kill. Swatting them generally does no good. Usually, they must be grabbed out of the air, taken between the fingers and snapped in half. The body fluids of the bug will flow out and it will die. Oddly enough, some people like the bitter taste of this fluid, and will pour it out onto their tongues after snapping a needle fly.

There are species of needle fly in Taurica, Asoumiranz, Mysseru and Cirues. Mysseru has the largest needle flies in the other world, with some being over a foot long. These are sometimes called knitting needle flies. Cirues has the smallest needle flies, but these are still a great pain to travellers. Needle flies can most usually be found in moist environments which are temperate to hot, such as jungles, swamps, rainforests, and desert pleidbarrows .

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