Neurobes are tiny mobile cells which live in the brain. Here we will discuss human neurobes. They are wormlike, with bulbous heads which can transmit electric signals to other neurobes. They come in many colours. They work together with the spirit to facilitate thinking and feeling. They do their work in the Conference Room, which is a structure in the brain. The neurobes combine into complex arrangements and do computation to help people think. Neurobes work in shifts. They take breaks and relax in the Rec Room. Neurobes have their own spiritons independent of their host. When a person dies, the neurobes survive a short while. They work together to create an artwork inside the brain called a Tribute. This is a memento of the partnership between soul and neurobe cluster. It can be removed via autopsy and is generally framed and displayed at a funeral. When neurobes die they return to their own afterlife realm called The Neurobuulum.

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