Nidsk is a country located in the continent of Asoumiranz. It is to the south of the country of Djornt, and juts out into the Colagic ocean. It is best known for its Candy Horse and Sheep exports, but has many interesting geographical features as well.

Cities Edit

Nantuk Edit

Nantuk is the capital of Nidsk, and is located near the Horse farms and marshmallow fields. It is accesible via entrance to Nidsk from the north.

Milkburg, Buttersworth, and Creamington Edit

The cities of Milkburg, Buttersworth, and Creamington are located in the middle of Nidsk, and mainly produce dairy products, such as cheese and milk. These dairy products also are used as food for Candy Sheep and Candy Horses, to make their candy sweeter.

Seasprain Edit

Seasprain is a port town bordering the Colagic ocean. Most of Nidsk's trade in centered around here.

Geographic features Edit

Nidsk is home to many different landmasses, waterways, and milkways. Some of theses include the Isica River, which flows toward the Colagic ocean, and the Nidsk Plains, which are located south of its capital. Just outside of Nidsk, across the border to Djornt, is Mount Isica, which is the source of the Isica River. Another interesting feature of Nidsk are the strange Marshmallow fields, which seem like something right out of Sprinkleland. These fields naturally have marshmallows growing on them.

Nidsk is home to a healthy milk-cycle, causing milk rain, cream rain, butter snow, and icecreamnadoes to be common in the country. As a result, butter swamps, milk lakes, cream pools and icecream corridors dot the landscape. There are many dedicated dairy collection plants in Nidsk, which thrive off of these dairy based weather events.

Horse and Sheep farms Edit

A large area of Nidsk's land mass is dedicated to raising Candy Horses and Sheep, rare delicacies that other countries pay high prices to get. These animals supply regular and cotton candy throughout Nidsk and surrounding countries.