The noodle dragons are spaghetti-based lifeforms who live in and around the pasta fountains of Natq. The fountains are fed by the remains of deceased noodle dragons that have built up over the ages. Luckily, the remains of noodle dragons are full of preservatives that allow them to remain edible indefinitely. Since the colonization of Natq Island, the pasta fountain has been overdrawn and has started to dry up, not being replenished fast enough by more noodle dragons.

Noodle dragons are keen hunters, preying on almost all the large animals on the island of Natq. They're the only large carnivores on the island. Their bodies are made from soft noodles over a skeleton of hard pasta. The hard skeletons soften and becomes edible after death, though. Instead of blood, the noodle dragon's body pumps piping hot pasta sauce! The dragon's muscles and organs are made from a substance similar to spicy meatballs.

Biology Edit

Biologists from The Academy of Nature recently traveled to the Pasta Fountains of Natq to do research into the mysterious Noodle Dragons. Noodle Dragons, while commonly regarded as silly creatures, can be quite dangerous if confronted, spewing boiling hot pasta sauce and slashing out with sharp riccioli claws. Thus, until now, their Evolutionary Type has been Unknown. Armed with S E Detectors and extremely tough and heat resistant clothing, the Biologists managed to get a reading on the Noodle Dragons. A unique new frequency of S E Field was detected. After a few repeated tests to make sure the result was genuine, the researchers determined that the Noodle Dragons S E Type was almost certainly Supernatural. But with a unique new S E field detected, the researchers wanted to know more! Locating the source of a new Supernatural force is a notoriously difficult job, but after questioning the Natquan tribal natives, a likely source was determined. The Natquans worship a deity called Spaghetto, a being said to reside upon Pasta Mountain. The biologists were unable to locate the deity after searching the mountain, so its existence could not be confirmed, but the Spaghetto hypothesis of Noodle Dragon origins is the strongest one so far.