Omlongs are football shaped creatures with wide mouths containing sharp teeth. They have beady eyes on either side of their wide heads and thin legs and arms. Omlongs also have small curved horns on either side of their heads. The oval creatures come in varying sizes, but they are all fairly small, most being the size of a mouse-like creature. They have varieties in colors, most being purple, cyan, or yellow, but sometimes there are darker blue or even red ones. Those are very rare. Omlongs live together in groups. They're mostly found in tall grassy areas where they are easily covered. Omlongs are carnivorous creatures which usually prey on animals their size, but will attack larger animals if they are in the area. When the desired prey steps into their area, they will crawl up what they can grab onto (legs, tail, clothing, etc.) and find a place to bite down on the animal. The omlongs will bite a large chunk out of the animal and then run away with the food they acquired. An animal attacked by many omlongs could very well bleed to death. Omlongs do not feed on dead animals, however, as they enjoy a cleaner diet.

People going into tall grass are encouraged to use omlong spray to repel the creatures. They can spray it on their skin and clothes and also at any omlongs that get too close.

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