Orphon was a great Djornti philosopher who lived from 32,971 to 33,055. He lived in what is now Plastic City, but back then, before Djornt had invented plastic, was known as Djonotres. While many of his ideas turned out to be wrong, Orphon's contribution to science and philosophy can not be understated, and many of his ideas serve as the foundation for logic and philosophy even today. It is a common misconception that he was the first person to prove that the planet was cylindrical, and that the planets orbit around the suns. This is not true. However, he did first postulate the existence of Orbital Slots around stars.

Death Edit

The philosopher Orphon died of illness during a particularly bad case of The Whispers. His last words were spoken to his nurse, who, being in the Djornti medical profession, was delighted to be present at the death of such a famed personage. His last words were, unfortunately, "To be here in this life... is... a f**king cluznutz..." Due to his case of The Whispers forcing him to blurt out these unpleasant words instead of his intended ones, the world will never know the great philosopher's final nugget of wisdom.

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