Palkoth is a disk shaped planet orbiting Otherworld's suns. It orbits far away, so it is a cold place, and can't be seen from Otherworld with the naked eye. Its shape seemingly confirms the existence of Diskon particles, which cause bodies in space to become disk shaped. Craters dot the surface of Palkoth, which form a pattern said to resemble the face of a cat, although Sea Cats deny this. Rock Cats on the other hand quite like the idea.

Paul Edit

Palkoth is orbited by a small red object called Paul. Paul is seemingly alive and sentient, but his exact nature is not well understood. His outer shell does appear to be made of rock, but his insides are some other substance. The Trolipedes once sent a space probe called Tropical 4 to retrieve scientific data on Paul, but before much information could be gleaned, Paul apparently ingested the craft, and presumably digested it slowly. Although it is controversial and may be a hoax, it is said that Paul sent a message to the Trollipede's Flyze Space Dish receiver, which simply said "Thank you for the food.".

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