Pamika is a city-state located on the southwest coast of Cirues. Despite its size, it is a very rich country, being founded on an enormous borkium deposit. Borkium is used to fertilize crops and construct various firearms. Pamika has a very good economy, as it has both a tourism industry and a mining industry. It commands sea trade on the Peosur Ocean. The Peosur Ocean separates Taurica and Cirues' east coasts from Asoumiranz's west coast.

Pamika is a peaceful nation, and has historically remained neutral in large conflicts. However, when its status as an economic power is threatened, it retaliates with force. One such case was the Great Blockade of 33,523, when the Pamikan navy annihilated the attacking Feluri navy. The Pamikan Steel-Clad Mechanical Vigintareme is renowned as one of the greatest boat designs of all time. Pamika has a close relationship with neighboring Cirues countries, as it provides trade and relies on larger countries for protection. It has several puppet states around Cirues and Taurica, which serve to provide more natural resources for Pamika. Pamika also seeks to colonize Mysseru in order to increase its economic power. So far, colonization attempts have been unsuccessful.

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