Paperwork Labyrinths are filing systems used in Asoumiranz by offices, businesses, governments, militaries, schools, universities, clondocks, and many other organisations. They were once called Filing Halls, but as they grew in size to epic proportions, people started calling them Paperwork Labyrinths. The name stuck and became common usage. Because of the bureaucracies policy of never shredding a single document, and the very long history of Asoumiranz's many nations, Paperwork Labyrinths have become huge systems of tunnels, containing towering piles of filing cabinets and drawers, filled with documents and forms of all kinds, some of them dating back tens of thousands of years. While maintenance is attempted on the tunnels, it is not practical or possible to keep all of the many passageways tended to. Since there are many openings in the tunnels which lead to sewers, natural cave systems, mines, the open countryside, dungeons, etc, paperwork labyrinths are home to all sorts of creatures and monsters.

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