A demon who managed to escape The Corgyscanth in 28,472. Perygychus was once human, but he has never divulged more information about his pre-Corgyscanth past than that. He is now a demon with a large and muscly dark-green body, small leathery wings and curled horns. His arms and torso are disproportionately large in comparison to his legs and pelvis. He travelled Asoumiranz for some time and wrote several books about the The Corgyscanth. During his travels he used his powers to perform many feats, such as cleaving mountains in twine, and turning lakes into crystal. It is assumed that he performed these feats for his own amusement and ego, and he revelled in impressing people with his power. Most of his feats were neither particularly evil, nor charitable. He just liked to make a spectacle, and to leave a lasting memento of his passing.

He eventually settled onto a small island far out into the Colagic Ocean, where he became the deity of the local islanders. He is still alive there today, spending his days relaxing on the beach sipping lokonut juice with his wives. When asked for interviews, he typically refuses.


An image of Perygychus as his current demon appearance

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