Unlike Asoumiranz, Taurica has a thriving movie industry. Movies are recorded with Photochromes, a type of camera, and are stored on Chromic chips. Movies themselves are also referred to as Photochromes. Chromic Chips are placed into a Chromatic Reflectron, usually simply called a Reflectro. The Reflectro beams a series of images from the chip. Sound is stored in a separate medium. Movies are in full colour, but it wasn't always so.

In the past, films were recorded on the Photogyn. The Photogyn produced films that were rendered with a purple tone, due to the Gynomat Screen technology they used. Photochromes incorporate Hybomat and Cyomat technology to produce a full colour image.

It is very common for novelists and graphic novelists to go on to direct or co-direct Photochrome adaptations of their own works.

Photochrome Culture Edit

The traditional Photochrome food is popped clorns and Zana tea. Humans generally love Photochrome, but Trolipedes prefer Holochrome. Holochrome tends to make humans very sick. Sea Cats and Rock Cats are unable to enjoy Photochrome like a human because their eyes and brains are structured differently. The Sea Cat novelist and intellectual Trentch Morgain is quoted as saying "To us, the Photochrome's image appears as murky and muddled as the Watevrdhek Sea water."

Notable Photochromes Edit

One popular classic Photochrome is "The Day of the Maklans", a horror story.

Baltius Bladge and the Occlutus [sic] Device is a well loved action adventure photochrome.

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