A poworb is a honey colored gelatinous orb, possibly a relative of blorbs. Unlike blorbs, they do not float around in the sky but rather roll around in plains in groups. Poworbs are also less likely to burst upon running into things. The viscous goop encased in the poworb's body has a powerful energy pulsating through it. Poworb farmers raise many of these gelatinous orbs because they can be used as a source of energy for homes. This energy can be used to power lights, generators, appliances, and other things. The poworb is placed in a circular table with a hole in the center big enough so it can roll around. There are plates at the bottom of this hole which gather energy from the poworb and send it to the bottom of the table, also known as a power table, where there are a few holes. A type of pump is attached to one of these holes and then, through a large hose-like cable, is attached at the other end to whatever requires the energy such as a lamp. The poworb, table, and cables come in varying sizes depending on what the household or whoever is using it requires.

There aren't many who find the practice of using poworbs for energy cruel because most do not believe that the poworbs are even conscious creatures. There are some, however, who dislike the practice of taking a poworb out of its natural habitat and trapping it in the power tables. They believe the poworbs are conscious and need to be free to roll around in the plains as they wish to do. These people usually don't use poworbs.

The insides of a poworb are dangerous to touch with bare hands. Touching the golden goo can send waves of energy through a person's body. The energy is powerful enough that it can knock a person out or even kill them by destroying their insides. This is why the poworbs are kept alive. It is simply the safer way.

Powexxic Corp. are a large poworb distributor in Taurica. They manufacture poworb tables and connector cables, and distribute poworbs which they purchase wholesale from poworb ranchers.

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