Quorniastals are small animals, they are skilled in telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and Cryokinesis, their eyes help them see as they make objects slightly brighter, however, they lack intelligence and inadvertently reveal their weaknesses too others. Quorniastals live in Asoumiranz and Norre, they frequently attack small villages and towns but usually get stopped due to them revealing their own weaknesses

The known weaknesses of an average Quorniastal are:

1: Gynolc (burns their skin when it comes in contact with them)

2: Poison Cookie Beetles (Gets injured after eating one, but does not die, abnormally does not activate the pheromones)

3: The affects of the different subspecies of me, the F'mal (Causes Quorniastals to be confused)

4: Extreme weakness to fire, causes them to explode

5: Kolikizta (Ore, due to the Quorniastals eyes, things are slightly brighter, and the Kolikizta hurts their eyes)

The Quorniastal was once considered a cryptid, and was first seen by a farmer in Asoumiranz who said that a animal came too him, yelling "What the heck is this?! You don't even have Gynolc fences to protect yourselves? You guys are helpless, let me help!", the farmer then said that the Quorniastal used telekinesis to construct a Gynolc fence. the Quorniastal then said "Ok, you see, so now that this fence is here, it'll be hard for me to get in", the Quorniastal then attempted going through the fence, but burned his face, and proceeded to scream.

Kolikizta & Fire: Edit

Quorniastal: Oh great, you stupid biologists managed to find out we exist, I mean, come on, you only realize that we have been attacking cities NOW?

Biologist 1: You're weak against Gynolc, correct?

Quorniastal: Yeah, I am! You idiots should have realized that now! But Gynolc's not enough to keep me down, it only burns my skin, and its easy to bend anyways, I can just chomp right through it! are you guys sure you are professionals? Where the hecks the Kolikizta? That stuff hurts my eyes!

Biologist 2: Thank you, you have been very informative about your species, we will use Gynolc fences and some Kolikizta to protect the cities you have attempted to attack

Quorniastal: What the- No! D- forget I said that! Good ol' Quoniastal, always lying our faces off! Jeez, if you wanted to protect villages, you could have at least used fire.

Biologist 1: Thank you for informing us about your species.

Quorniastal: Oh, you GOTTA be kidding me!

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