A restaurant located in Plastic City on the Nalgzi river. Their Eel Man Surprise is a well known dish.

The Oily Beacon

This restaurant and hotel is connected to Papara Port's famous Great Lighthouse. The Oily Beacon is famous for its maritime theme and delicious Morp Soup. The Oily Beacon is especially loved by Sea Cats.

The Crying Café

This café is located just far enough away from the Wailing Lake that it can just barely be heard. From that distance it is quite bearable and some actually enjoy the sound. The café has a viewing tower so that patrons can climb up and view the lake from a distance via binoculars.

Plasma Arcade

A huge establishment in Plastic City. It has many eateries, a casino floor, and a Photochrome Theatre.

The Old and White

A rustic bar located in Nantuk. It is famed, as it was used as the set of the well known cowboys and centhraki's photochrome "Dust Town". The Marshmallow Malt is its signature drink.

Desert Gardens

A beautiful restaurant located in Cancara. It is themed after the Oasis Gardens. Almost all of their meals have guff oil as seasoning.

Ice Palace

A restaurant with Froyonder cuisine. It is a franchise with restaurants in several cities.

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