The River of Ice is a river that flows from Froyonder to the sea east of the Xapyctal Caverns. Despite its name, The River of Ice is not made of ice. It gets its name from its extremely cold temperature and the fact that it has its headwaters in a glacier on a mountain chain in Froyonder. It runs through mineral-rich lands, and those minerals combine to form the ultra-valuable mineral Xapyctal. It carries dissolved and suspended Xapyctal and deposits them at the mouth. Years of this cycle of erosion and deposition have created a large alluvial fan that encompasses all of the Xapyctal region. This is why the Ice Delta is the largest river delta in all of Otherworld. The River of Ice has also carved out huge caverns in Xapyctal. These caverns are famous for being among the toughest features to explore. The Ice Delta is also very fertile, leading to a Djornti attempt to found Xapyctal Hamlet on the delta.

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